Our " WinS Program: Wash in School '' already started in schools since 2015 that we follow each month, is very important, it is a priority


for the good of the students and their families.


The detail of this program is :

- Are microbes dangerous
- The use of drinking water
- Faecal peril
- The urban waste
- Washing of hands
- Brushing of the teeth
- Cleaning of the body

They bring the teaching and visual material support and give to all needy students of hygienic equipment (toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, oil for hair, comb,...).

In each class, where students have not yet fully English mastered, the teacher translates in Hindi. 

Lessons on each theme last on average 45 minutes during which the students are required to participate in a game of questions and answers; thus pushing them to reflect on the different scenarios. They use external materials such as earth, stones, paper, which allow them to better understand the graphic support presented, then children are viewing on microscopic particles invisible to the naked eye.

They will in turn to the table to talk about what they have seen and done.

Mid-cycle a "review" is proposed to check the understanding of various topics by different classes of schools where URVASHI and ANANDA instruct the program.