The reasons for our project


  • Today will pass the common principles for future generations and preserve the values of an entire society. It improves the quality of life and provides adults and disadvantaged children a chance to escape poverty.
  • News techniques of Permaculture, doing association of plant using Vermicompost.
  • The multiplication of vegetables by Hydroponic.
  • News techniques of cultures and livestock of fish, in symbiosis with the plants in Aquapony.
  • News different varieties of exotic vegetables (spinach, Strawberry, Lemon cucumber).
  • Develop and promote the other varieties, for example, 63 sorts of tomatoes.
  • Share and give news responsibilities and initiatives individually or by a group.
  • Facilitate cultivation work and increase production areas on the same land.
  • To love nature and share with passion what we do for her, respect her.

So the development of livestock.

A farmer's life depended on agriculture and livestock and both are dependent on each other.

A farmer having agriculture without livestock or vice versa cant survive. Always livestock plays a pivotal role in solving the problem of poverty and lack of food. It is very important to improve the status of livestock, treatment and medicine camp for livestock.