These videos are included in the manual and are used to supplement the information.

These videos serve to reinforce the information, but also make it possible to capture the attention of the students on the subject, which at times is rather difficult to deal with, whether orally or simply by reading text.

Some are in English, others in Hindi and therefore understandable by most students.

Make Clean in India

Micro Organism.mp4

Drinking Water.mp4

Open Defecation.mp4 

Waste management.mp4

Hand Washing.mp4

Haath, Munh,aur Bum.mp4

Hand Washing Sachin Tendulkar

First Dentist Visit.mp4

No More Nasties Brushing!.mp4

Poo2Loo Poo Party
Poo2Loo Making of the Poo Song
India tackles public defecation
POO STORY! Daithi & Friends Animated