How to Volunteer and Teach Monks in Nepal

Volunteers who are on a spiritual journey will love volunteering at a monastery. Volunteer in Nepal

Teaching Monastery in a monastery and take this opportunity to learn more about Buddhism as you teach young monks. Your mystical environment is the perfect setting to set up your own meditation practice and inspire a different way of life.

Teach Monastery

Monks are trained from an early age. English is an important skill for them as it enables them to translate religious texts and communicate teachings. It is also common for monks to leave the monastery when they are older, which is why it is so important that they have a solid education. Good English skills will prepare them for better future opportunities.

Volunteer with monks in Nepal and experience a whole different world and teach young children invaluable skills they can use for a lifetime.

How to Teach English in Nepal

In any developing country, English skills can make a big difference in people's future opportunities. Volunteer as an English teacher. and teach Nepali youth this important skill. Learning a language from an early age is much easier and increases the chances of becoming fluent. Locals with good English skills will have more job opportunities later in life.

In addition to recent developments in the school system, it is difficult for people in small villages to access education. In some cases, small villages in mountainous regions do not have the right infrastructure and therefore lack appropriate schools and teachers. Volunteering in Nepal as a teacher will make a difference in countless lives. Education is the start of lasting change.

Join the education teams on the ground as a volunteer in Nepal and apply your ideas on how to improve, manage or support the development of education. Volunteers are usually deployed to community centres or schools in underdeveloped areas. A general passion for working with children is crucial to working, teaching and volunteering in any of these teaching projects.