11th September  2016

Visit schools to inform teachers and students to the opening of our NGO and tuition in the old school Adarsh Public School of Chirwa, with the presentation of the activities that are offered.


05th September 2016

We went to school at the request of the manager to check the correct representation of the logo of the program Mid Day Meal on the door of the canteen.


July 11, 2016


New visit to meet our old and new students for this new year.


April 16, 2016

Morning’s program: faecal peril and the garbage in urban areas and the afternoon washing hands and brushing teeth.


March 12, 2016

The second lesson of the WinS Program on the urban water cycle.

Distribution of biscuits and clothes for all classes.


January 30, 2016

Beginning of the WinS Program with the lesson on microbes.

And sports activities with Urvashi.


January 15, 2016

URVASHI and ANANDA were invited by Sandhya Solanki Professor to visit his school in Chirwa. They are mounted in the teachers with Prasad taxi driver. 20 km in the mountains to arrive in the village. The children were all sitting on the ground praying, they sat in front of them. They were very concentrated. Then they visited each class, in all 8.

Class 1 of Sarika

23 students Class 5 of Sandhya 28 students
Class 2 of Bharti 16 students Class 6 of Anita 18 students
Class 3 of Manju 23 students Class 7 of Madhu 16 students
Class 4 of Lata 24 students Class 8 of Asha   6 students

Asha is the administrator of the school and 'Headmistress'. There are 154 students in all. The Government gives meal flour, lenses and fruit per week to children. Durga and Manju make 200 chapatti and 3 kilos and a half lenses per day to feed the 154 students.

Meal of the week.

Monday: lenses, chapattis.
Tuesday: curry rice.
Wednesday: lentils and roast.
Thursday: kachori.
Friday: lentils and roast.
Saturday: vegetables and roasted.

Students begin the course at 9:20 and end at 3:40. They take a break at 12:45 for lunch outside classes.

Planning for the last quarter day and prize draw to each class and 1er award to Nikhil Menaria general price for its design.

The teachers were happy, they have sung, they made the alphabet, they shared moments of emotions, and they were treated to tea.

Prasad gave them back in his taxi, they returned really happy this Saturday morning.


Winter holidays 2015- 2016

During the winter holidays, 5, 7 and 9 January, we have been to Chirwa Govt Girls Upper Primary School team with Mrs Sandhya SOLANKI and Mr Prasad MENARIA to restore, decorate and clean this little school.

1 ° day... Ananda sealed and restored the exterior of the kitchen door and joined Urvashi who decorated the towers of doors, windows, pillars and the tables in the company of Sandhya and Prasad who were following the directions.

2 ° day... while each decorated, others chipped trees and cleaned the Court, not to mention the small repairs on faucets.

3 ° day... a beautiful clock was painted on the wall with wooden children's mobile needle and other drawings focused on visual materials. The pleasure has been immense for everyone and a team of children joined we finally cleaned the Court and taking care of trees pruned. They were ten with their trash to pick up papers, plastics and the rocks that littered the floor of the playground. They were very brave.

Thank you Sandhya SOLANKI for giving us the possibility to access to the school for its organized meals and our movements supported between Bedla and Chirwa by Prasad MENARIA. We will continue the decoration of the school on the next vacation.