Saturday, December 5, 2015

Artistic day... A design competition was launched in all classes.

Sports day... All the school children participated in the competition of the games organised by URVASHI and ANANDA. It was a great day of joy and friendship.

Each child received a small gift for his participation.

Saturday, November 21, 2015


They returned to school Govt Girls Chiwa UPS, accompanied by Mr Shaym Sunder Dasora and Mr Om Prakash Lohar, to make a distribution of school supplies for an amount of 3500 ₹.

Upon their arrival, the children awaited them sitting on three stored mats on either side of the school. They started the distribution and gave each a slate, felts, a notebook, a pencil and eraser children were very happy.

URVASHI and ANANDA organized a drawing competition for next month. Let the best person win!

Friday, October 16, 2015

URVASHI and ANANDA return with the banner and 160 fruits of our NGO.

They have been still received with open arms, they distributed fruit during the meal and then they made a leap to another school three kilometres KARALO KA GURA, then returned to the small school.

They did participate in all children's games and songs and they left at 3:30 very happy with their day. Our team is invited to come once a month by the Director.

Saturday, October 10, 2015

URVASHI and ANANDA were invited by Sandhya Solanki Professor to visit his school in Chirwa. They are mounted in the teachers with Prasad taxi driver. 20 km in the mountains to arrive in the village. The children were all sitting on the ground praying, they sat in front of them. They were very concentrated. Then they visited each class, in all 8.

Class 1 of Sarika 23 students Class 5 of Sandhya 28 students
Class 2 of Bharti 16 students Class 6 of Anita 18 students
Class 3 of Manju 23 students Class 7 of Madhu 16 students
Class 4 of Lata 24 students Class 8 of Asha 6 students

Asha is the administrator of the school and 'Headmistress'. There are 154 students in all. The Government gives meal flour, lenses and fruit per week to children. Durga and Manju make 200 chapattis and 3 kilos and a half lenses per day to feed the 154 students.

Meal of the week.

Monday: lenses, chapattis.
Tuesday: curry rice.
Wednesday: lentils and roast.
Thursday: kachori.
Friday: lentils and roast.
Saturday: vegetables and roasted.

Students begin the course at 9:20 and end at 3:40. They take a break at 12:45 for lunch outside classes. The teachers were happy, they have sung, they made the alphabet, they shared moments of emotions, and they were treated to tea. Prasad gave them back in his taxi, they returned really happy this Saturday morning.