After having worked at length I arrived on the ground or there is a courtyard, is the school. 20 m2, not more, the mistress is called DURGA BAI and she is helped by an Assistant. Every day, there are about 30 students. They are ages 3 to 6 years. In the morning, the children pray, say poems, and the alphabet and have fun. Each month, children are weighing, and there is a poster of flowers on the wall.

I sing, danced, and took pictures of their unique class. Lack of education, and school supplies, means media who are bringing children to school.


The round of the gestures in the ABCD singing and the space of their body because they realize and repeat automatically. The chicken dance and the train, they were singing loudly and it amused them, they were all involved.

The round of gestures
The round of gestures

I really like our meeting in the courtyard, the children were intrigued and looked at me, repeated my words, I have good memories and I hope to come back.

They need: platelets writing colouring slates and chalk pencils of colours black pencil and Eraser pens, rules, posters teaching 2 notebooks register National long exercise balls and games 1 book blackboard, alphabet posters,. numbers, and writing pages construction games.

There are separate levels and training an Assistant to games and learning teaching methods. The teaching must be regular with some English, songs, and dances.

Sign singing is very important, the children will create their own character, and they identify with the story. We sing: brother Jacques, the big deer in the forest, the primer in English with gestures, we did the round, all have participles. The children were very happy.