Definition of the project :

  • ⇒ Staff and group of people.
  • ⇒ These people must work together and in harmony with the group.
  • Many activities will be inserted in this project and these people stay a long time to learn their possibilities for augmentation of the agricole production and wrestle against insecurity of food in the fight their lands.

Objectifs :

We must reduce the poorest life by this action of work together by the group, and contribute to ameliorate the conditions of life of the village by selling the products.

The cooperative is your cooperative, without you, there is no cooperative.

This project cooperative is a project of development and we want to do a Pilot Area by this Foundation in this district. It must be unique so we need serious people in the action and knowing that a project needs time also. these persons will be volunteers and follow the rules. Everybody who will participate will be the beneficiary.

This Project is economic if everybody wor correctly will increase the agricole production and their salary and their life.

The farmers must understand the necessity of this cooperative, it is important for the future generation.

We must follow the program and manage all the activities together to see the progress.

The success of the project depends on everyone. All will have responsibilities, we must share every idea.

  • ⇒ Research of possibilities.
  • ⇒ execution and time to realize.
  • ⇒ Tools necessary.

We can teach everything, share our knowledge's with a serious staff and people.