Programm: Empowering Women through Scientific Farming


To provide women with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice Scientific Farming Technic.
To increase women's income and economic independence through the implementation of Scientific Farming practices.
To promote gender equality in the agricultural sector by increasing the participation of women in farming activities.


Empowering Women

Trainning Programs: Develop and implement trainning programs that provide women with the knowledge and skills necessary to practice

Scientific Farming technics. the program would include both theoretical and practical components, covering topics such as soil conservation, crop managment, pest control, and farm business management.

Access to Ressources: Ensure that women have access to the necessary ressources for Scientific Farming, such as qualities seeds, fertilizers and tools. The program would provide support for women to access these ressources at affordable prices.

Demonstration Farms: Establish demonstration farms where womens can learn from experienced farmers and observ best pratices in scientific farming. The program would work with local experts to ensure that the demonstration farms are appropriate for the local environment and crops.

Market Linkages: Establish market linkages for womwn farmers to ensure that they have access to markets for their produces. The program would provide trainning in marketing and business management, and work with local buyers to ensure that women farmers receive fair prices for their produce.

Networking: Facilited networking among women farmers, allowing them to share experiences, knoledges and best practices. The program would organize regular meetings, workshops, and conferences for women farmers and provide opportunities for them to connect with each other and with other skateholders in the agricultural sectors.

Expected outcomes: 

  • Increased knowledge and skills among women farmers in Scientific Farming technics
  • Increase income and economic independence among women farmers through impouved productivities and market linkages.
  • Increased participation of women in the agricultural sector, leading to greater gender equality.
  • Improved food security and nutrition in the communities where the program is implemented.

Overall this program would provide women farmers with the skills and knowledge necessary to practice scientific farming technics, leading to increased productivity, income, and economic independence. the program would also promote gender equality in the agricultural sector and contribute to improved food security and nutrition in the communities where it is implemented.